Healed of Colorectal and Liver CancerВ 

The Healing Rooms team prayed for me three months ago. В I was delivered from death and a poor prognosis to full life. В I began to be able to eat and sleep again. В I'm gaining weight and no longer jaundiced. В Praise God! В Jesus loves me beyond all comprehension. В The Father has forgiven me and I am В free! В SF

Headache and Back Pain Gone

I came in with a severe headache and backache pain at a level of 7. В My pain totally went away!!!. В I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and I'm feeling great! В Thank you Jesus! AD

Arm Completely Healed

I dislocated my arm 19 years ago and have had excruciating pain off and on over the years and especially the last four years. В I went to the Healing rooms and I am totally healed with no more pain!!! В I received forgiveness and feel so much lighter. В Thank You Jesus! В SS

Lump in Breast Disappears

After receiving prayer for a lump in my left breast, it began to shrink. В A week later I had a mammogram and was told that the lump was completely benign and no surgery was needed. The lump continued to shrink and is now completely gone. В GH

Depression and Sciatica Pain Gone

I came to the Healing Rooms with depression and sciatica back pain. В I was healed of all pain and encouraged. В I no longer feel depressed. В My hope is restored. В I feel the love of Jesus and know He will take care of me! В DG

Pain and Doubts Leave

When I came for prayer I was struggling emotionally as well as physically with foot pain and pain from a fibroid tumor in my uterus. В The team В was led by God to pray for self doubt and internal struggles that only God was aware of. В As they prayed, I felt the pain in my foot disappear as well as the pain from the fibroid. В Praise God! В JH


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