Below you'll find some of our healing testimonies. Be sure to check out our other testimony pages to see what God has done! If God's healed someone else, He can heal YOU.

Healed Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

I felt so horrible and burdened with past issues, holding responsibilities for others. I feel so at peace now. God bless you. I came in with pain in my neck, back, and shoulder. Lower back pain made me literally hobble in. Now I feel great! My movement is free and flowing. My neck can move freely. There is a tingling down my right arm instead of pain. I know God has healed me and I'm so grateful to the awesome people here for being such vessels of love.

I know I am healed and my life is going to be so much better in every area-mentally, emotionally, physically,and spiritually.— CW

Healed of Terminal Cancer

When I came to the Healing Rooms on April 9th, I was dying from Stage-4 Cancer. The first time I received prayer all pain from the cancer left my body and I no longer had to take pain medication. I knew that day that I had been healed by God. I have been back to the Healing Rooms several times since then. On my last doctor's visit, my surgeon could not find the tumors I had from my surgery on April 1, 2011. My oncologist, on physical examination, could find no tumors in my stomach. I am cured. My doctors believe this too. They believe in miracles. God hears our prayers and He answers. Have faith and believe and He will come into your heart and cure you. — RH

Experienced God's Love

I came into the Healing Rooms feeling lost. After prayer I felt released and heard the Lord talk to my heart. He said, "I love you".  — EG

Back Healed - No Pain

I came to the Healing Rooms with extreme back pain. I was bent over, could hardly walk and had pain down my leg because of my sciatic nerve. God lengthened one of my legs, then completely straightened out my back. Now I'm walking with no pain! —

Vertebrae and Back Healed

I asked for healing for two things — my bones — most of the time I felt like the "tin man" and particularly my back — one of the vertebrae was fractured four years ago. My vertebrae had not healed properly causing a lot of pain in my back as well as circulation in my legs, especially my left leg below the knee making it painful to climb stairs. One leg was also shorter than the other. The Lord in His mercy healed my vertebrae and straightened me up instead of being hunched over. My legs feel like brand new and are both the same length — no more pain — THANK YOU LORD — GLORY AND PRAISE TO YOU LORD (and the loving hands of those at the Healing Rooms of Murrieta). — LK

Two Year Old Healed of Bronchitis and Ear Infections

My two year old son had bronchitis and ear infections repeatedly. He was on antibiotics eleven times in one year. After seeing a specialist, surgery was recommended. I decided I would bring my son to the Healing Rooms for prayer. After coming for prayer two times, he was completely healed. No more ear infections, fever, or bronchitis. He no longer wheezes and he can run, jump and play without coughing. God has healed my son. For six months now he has been healthy. My son loves to run and play and it's such a blessing to watch him. He's healed and completely free from sickness!! Praise God! — TH[/quotes]

No More Back Pain

I have had lower back problems for years with pain and stiffness. Through prayer and laying on of hands I have had a healing,a release and flexibility I haven't had for years! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and healing power! — DC

Deeper Relationship With God

I was blessed by a woman who came into the Healing Rooms seeking a deeper relationship with God.
I had been seeking this also. When we prayed for her she received confirmation and so did I that God was going to meet our desires. God confirmed that He wants more of me and I want more of Him.I have been blessed today! — RR

Chronic Constipation Healed

I had been suffering from chronic constipation for several years. I went to the Healing Rooms and God rotated my pelvis and brought everything into alignment in my body. I no longer suffer from chronic constipation and have been completely healed! God also addressed the spirit of anxiety as the root of it. I received prayer and God is teaching me to trust in Him. Thank You Lord and prayer team! — AO

Brought Back to Life

We had a birthday party for my grandson. As parents were leaving and gathering their children, we discovered a four year old boy named Justin was missing. My grandson's Dad went out to the backyard and found Justin at the bottom of the pool. He was blue, his jaw set and his eyes rolled back.CPR was given and many began to pray. I laid hands on him and began to pray in the Spirit and in English and commanded the spirit of death to go. By the time the ambulance arrived, Jesus had brought Justin back to life. Tests were run at the hospital. He had absolutely no brain damage and was diagnosed as normal! Jesus is truly a miracle worker! — JD

Pain in Hip Gone

When I came for prayer I was limping. As I was prayed for, I felt the pain in my lower hip leave. I walked out without a limp! I can now go up and down stairs and the pain is gone! Thank You Jesus. — GC

Emotional Healing

I received an emotional healing from the burdens I have carried from taking care of my Mom for eight years until her death. The physical and emotional part of caring for her hung on, but today I received healing. — CW

Shingles Healed

The team prayed against anxiety causing my Shingles. After prayer, I walked to my car. I touched my leg where the blisters were and they were GONE!! Praise God for His faithfulness! — LC

Knees Healed - Fear Gone

I came in to support a friend. I was asked if I would like to receive prayer. I am so glad I did. I left refreshed and received healing for the pain in my knees and fear about life. What a blessed adventure. I will recommend the power of prayer and this Healing Room. — JM

Spirit of Fear Left and Joy Returned

God gave me strength and returned my joy even after a busy, difficult week! Through His Word He has healed me from a spirit of fear I was not aware I had. — KM

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