Below you'll find some of our healing testimonies. Be sure to check out our other testimony pages to see what God has done! If God's healed someone else, He can heal YOU.

Headaches Healed

After coming to the Healing Rooms for prayer, my headaches have been gone for two weeks. I know that it was the Lord. The shaking in my hands has decreased and I am at peace with myself thanks to Jesus.- KA

Sciatic Pain Healed

I came in with sciatic pain. I felt a warmth and tingling and the pain is gone. I forgave my earthly Father today and received a Father's Blessing. Thank you for reminding me of how my Heavenly Father sees me and loves me. - LC

Cancer Survivor Healed of Lung Cancer

Because of a previous cancer diagnosis, I had half of my liver removed. In 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer of the liver again. The surgeon told me he would not be able to remove all the cancer and I would need heavy chemo afterwards. The prognosis was not good. I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer and when I went in for surgery they couldn't find any cancer! They did an ultrasound on my liver and neither the radiologist nor the pathologist could find a trace of cancer. I am completely free from cancer! Thank you Jesus! — MH

Free From Back Pain After 13 years

I had a 13 year battle with back pain. While I was in the Healing Rooms, God revealed that I had believed a lie that God didn't want to heal me just yet. I broke agreement with that lie and bent over and felt no pain. God has healed me. — RH

Healing of Siatica

For two years I had been experiencing terrible pain from sciatica. It was extremely difficult to walk. Within a day or two of receiving prayer, the pain totally left me and I have been completely healed from sciatica! Thank you to the Healing Rooms and Our Lord for taking this from me. — KK

Leg Pain Healed

My left leg was in a lot of pain due to poor circulation. I couldn't put pressure on it and had to use my right leg to go up stairs one stair at a time. Within a couple of days after I received prayer, the pain completely disappeared and my leg was restored to normal. I can now put pressure on it with no pain. Thank you to the Healing Rooms and to Our Lord for healing me. — LK[

Healed of Arthritis

When I received healing it was a true blessing to feel released from my burdens. My hands had been stiff from the pain and distortion of arthritis. After I received prayer I could move my hands freely without pain. Thank you Lord for cleansing my soul and making me feel loved again. — PR

Healed of Back Pain

The first time I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer God healed my back and I havenit had any more episodes since then. Thanks for all your prayer team does. God bless you! — MH

Anxiety, Knees and Back Healed

After prayer I have no fear for my God is in my heart. I feel no anxiety and I no longer have pain in my knees and back. Thank you. — KS

Back Healed

Less than two months ago I was in bed in a lot of pain from multiple problems with my back. Since then I have seen several doctors who are amazed at my recovery especially after reviewing my MRI. Praise to God! I am feeling so much better and I know it is because of your prayers and the Grace of God. Jesus, I trust in You! — PA

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