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Over forty years ago God began to prepare Richard and Jan Lauletta for a unique healing ministry.  They hosted home groups where they taught people God's Word, prayed with them and encouraged them to be sensitive to and move in the gifts of the Spirit. 

In 2002 they attended training classes in  Fallbrook and began praying in the Healing Rooms in San Diego.  In January 2006 they helped to open Healing Rooms in San Clemente and in March of 2007 opened Healing Rooms in Sun City.  Richard and Jan began to pray that God would provide a place for them to bring Healing Rooms to the Temecula Valley.  God spoke to a Christian business man who offered them his building in Murrieta to be used for the Healing Rooms.  On June 5, 2010, God's Grace Healing Rooms was birthed with a team of 15 people who began to pray for the sick in the Valley where they lived.  As the man's business grew and prospered, so did the Healing Rooms.  In February 2013 the business moved to a much larger location in Temecula and in March 2019, it moved to 26040 Ynez Rd. in Temecula.  

Richard and Jan are the Directors of God's Grace Healing Rooms.  They have been ordained by Third Day Churches International and are under their leadership.  The last fourteen years have been an exciting journey of faith.  Through the current prayer team of over 30 members representing several churches in the Temecula Valley, God is performing miracles and restoring lives to wholeness. Men, women and children have been set free from sickness, pain and bondage.  Many have found the Father's grace, love and healing.

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